Chaos Constructions is not just a demoparty or a computer exhibition, it is a festival of computer art, where we unite creators and spectators. Most of these events will be interesting to anyone who is into media art. Come and see for youself!

Closer to the festival this page will have more details. So stay tuned!


There are some accepted seminars (in Russian):

"Texas Instruments TI-99/4a computer - history, architecture and software development", Peter Sobolev aka Frog
 "Personal experience of retro-calculators and retro-computers repair". Sergey Frolov.
 "Hackers roots of demoscene". Alexander Matchugovsky aka Manwe.
 "Various retro computers in terms of demoscene - architecture overview and potential for the developers",  Peter Sobolev aka Frog.
"Virtual reality content distribution", GD Forge company
"Extremely low frequency (ELF, VLF) communication", Alexey Belyakov
"Vector-06c 8-bit PC emulator - JavaScript vs FPGA", Vyacheslav Slavinsky aka svo
"Embedded systems - hardware aspects. High speed digital devices", Aleksander Vaygachev (STC Metrotek)
"Embedded system loaders for ARM", Vladimir Georgiev (STC Metrotek)

+ Round table about demoscene 8-bit

Chaos Constructions is open to suggestions: whether you wish to share your knowledge in the information security field, hold a video mapping workshop, show how to compose music for ZX Spectrum or how to make a board game, etc. - we are willing to give you the floor.

If you want to participate as a speaker, write us.


All kinds of music starting with chiptune, all the way up to folk. Live sets are held during the breaks between compos. If you want to participate, please send us an application on vtcd@mail.ruDon't forget to include your contact information, a short description of what you do, and your technical rider.